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Dixon & Company can also save the client the time and expense of finding just the right financial manager to employ full time, even through staff changes or reorganizations.

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Dixon & Company ensures that the financial records of each of its clients, without regard to profit motive, are properly documented, accurate and complete.

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Dixon & Company can work as an entity’s entire financial office and function autonomously or as specialist performing a single specific task like payroll, tax preparation or accounts receivable maintenance.

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Dixon & Company is a team of professionals including bookkeepers, accountants and consultants providing traditional bookkeeping functions.


The philosopy of Dixon & Company is that transparency creates opportunity.   Simply stated, our approach to financial services  is to emphasize integrity, professionalism and communication. As a scope of service is developed with each client, Dixon & Company is dedicated to understanding the whole organization of each client, not […]



Bookkeeping services primarily record money transactions and produce monthly reports. Dixon & Company consults with clients about work plans and payment plans and then provides a pricing structure based on either hourly rates or the length of the project. Dixon & Company can work as an entity’s entire financial office […]



There are several major benefits from engaging Dixon & Company to handle the generally time consuming, sometimes complex work of maintaining financial records. No hardware or software to purchase No staff to engage or train No extra pay for long hours Off site backup   of financial data Independent third […]


Welcome to Dixon and Company!

We take the stress out of bookkeeping!

Dixon & Company is a Bookkeeping and Financial Management Services firm based in Connecticut. Our services are designed to help you concentrate on your business with the confidence that your financial records are complete and accurate.

We are dedicated to assuring the highest standards of integrity and professionalism and we believe transparency creates opportunities.
We are commited to integrity and client confidentiality. We are confident that we can provide the high quality services that you and your organization require.

For more information or to discuss a scope of services, feel free to contact us via email, or give us a call at the phone number below.

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