Bookkeeping services primarily record money transactions and produce monthly reports. Dixon & Company consults with clients about work plans and payment plans and then provides a pricing structure based on either hourly rates or the length of the project.

Dixon & Company can work as an entity’s entire financial office and function autonomously or as specialist performing a single specific task like payroll, tax preparation or accounts receivable maintenance.

Clients generally chose one or more of the following service packages:

 Accounting Packages

While most clients use the latest version of Quickbooks, Dixon & Company is familiar with a variety of software packages and is committed to continuing education in this area. The expanding list of packages that Dixon & Company has experience with includes:

  • QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro and QuickPay
  • Quicken
  • RealWorld
  • Peachtree
  • MIP
  • Xero

 Full Service Package

  • General ledger, dual entry accounting, monthly financial statements and reporting, bank account reconciliations and
    on/off-site support
  • Accounts payable management including bill payments and general cash disbursement, writes checks,verifies approval and monitors
  • Unpaid bill status; Reports to Finance Committee or Treasurer
  • Payroll processing, payroll tax reporting anmd where necessary cost allocation by funding source, division or line of business
  • Prepares and monitors budgets
  • Accounts receivable or grantor commitment monitoring including where required, invoicing and collections management
  • Creates financial records for each entity usually with the latest version of Quickbooks
  • Prepares fixed asset accounts with accompanying depreciation schedules
  • Determines the appropriate accounts for the preparation of 1099”²s and other yearend tax filings
  • Assist staff in the financial record keeping procedures as appropriate


Basic Services are usually provided in  combination with one of the packages listed below:

  • Budget creation and monitoring
  • Grant, loan or investor reporting
  • Internal controls analysis
  • Back up for data (disaster recovery)
  • Preparation of financial operations summary ”“ document financial process
    of firm as a desk manual for staff training and management
  • Ratio analysis
  • Depreciation and amortization schedules


Whether the client posts to general ledger or Dixon does,   Dixon & Company  prepares:

  • Payroll stubs and makes them available electronically to employees and employers
  • Prepares quarterly payroll reconciliations
  • Prepares Quarterly state and federal reports (941s and  labor reports)
  • Quarterly and year end payroll reports for completion of state unemployment, state withholding and other reports
  • Prepares yearend W2s, 1099 and federal and state annual filings

 Review & Reconciliation

Client post to general ledger (using  QuickBooks, Peachtree, Zero or other software) and   Dixon & Company then provides:

  • Review of monthly entries
  • Reconcile  bank statements. Bank statements are sent directly to Dixon & Company to increase internal control
  • Provide year-end assistance to client staff in meeting and  year end reporting for internal and external requirements

Customized Services

Working with client staff, Dixon & Company can also  customize  one or more of the following services:

  • Post to general ledger (usually Quickbooks)
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Monthly bank account reconciliation
  • Preparation of invoices
  • Preparation of payroll reports for state and federal reporting
  • Consulting to business start-ups
  • Budget creation and monitoring
  • Grant, loan or investor reporting
  • Internal controls analysis
  • Preparation of financials operations summary
  • Document financial process of   client as a reference manual for staff training and management
  • Depreciation and amortization schedules

Dixon Training Institute Division

  • On-site training and off-site training  for new or experienced managers and staff
  • Training for professionals in financial and business management
  • Training for management (including board members and executive directors for not-for-profit organizations
  • Creation of customized  training materials
  • Introductory training for new graduates
  • Contact us for information on the packages and services available.

Dixon Temporary Services Division

  • Placement of short term  staff primarily for financial management, bookkeeping and administrative support.
  • Placement of  long term  staff primarily for financial management, bookkeeping and administrative support and temp to permanent staff.
  • Contact us for rates.


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